Large LED Ring Light With Mirror and Phone Holder

Large LED Ring Light With Mirror and Phone Holder

  • R 2,200.00
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This is an awesome product for any photographer, salon or even for those perfect selfies for the gram. Get that unique circular shape of light that is reflected in your eyes! Perfect to use for make up application and videos.

A distinctive-shaped light fixture with a color temperature that's variable from 3300 to 8000K to match other fixtures, ambient light conditions, or just for creative expression. The light is mountable to an optional grip head or stand, allowing you to shoot through it for a silky smooth near-shadowless effect that is flattering to your talent's complexion. Ideal for selfies, a smartphone holder is included, while a mirror is also included for posing. Another bonus is the unique circular shape of the light that is reflected in your subject's eyes.

Product Features:

-Adjustable height up to 2.1 metres
- 3 light colours: warm, white and soft Adjustable light: the brightness level can be adjusted. - No ultraviolet rays and infrared light radiation.
- Low heat production Flexible arm to allow for changing of positions.

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