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TTS Bleach Kit - Hi-Lift

TTS Bleach Kit - Hi-Lift

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For High-lighting, Streaking or Bleaching. Consists of 60g blue bleach and 100ml 30 volume creme peroxide.

Patch and Strand Test

It is advisable to perform a skin allergy test and a strand test prior to application. Mix 1 part of bleach powder and 1-2 parts of creme peroxide into a smooth paste. Apply a small amount to skin on inner arm or behind an ear extending partially into the hairline. Cover with cotton swab and leave for sixty mintues. If no irritation occurs, it should be safe to proceed.

Highlighting and bleaching results depend on the condition and colour of the natural hair. A strand test is recommended to give you a better idea about the end results and to avoid any complications with the actual process.

Your hair should be unwashed and dry. Comb firmly back and remove any tangles. Pull one strand of hair from behind your ear to make the test. Generously apply mixture to the desired test strand, making sure the test strand does not touch the rest of your hair. Check test strand frequently (10-15 minutes). To check results wipe away mixture with a damp paper towel. If your hair looks red or gold reapply mixture. When the strand is the desired shade wash the test strand and towel dry your hair. Discard any leftover mixture. Thoroughly rinse and dry the mixing bowl prior to actual application.


Measure one part of powder in the jar provided or in a non-metallic bowl adding one to two parts of 30 or 40 volume creme peroxide, depending on required lift, until a smooth cream is achieved. Do not close the jar and do not shake the mixture. For professional results, make sure that the temperature of the mixture remains constant. Apply mixture immediately after mixing. Any leftover mixed powder and cream developer cannot be saved for later use.


  • Full Head
  1. A) Do not wash or wet hair prior to application. B) Brush hair thoroughly. C) Split hair into 4 sections and clip hair up using plastic clips. D) Release one of the clips and starting at the back of your head. Take small horizontal sections of hair and apply mixture, using a tint brush, 1-2cm from the scalp. E) Gradually work through this first section placing bleached sections on top of each other until the section is fully bleached. F) Repeat with each section, working as quickly as you can. E) Starting from the back and moving forward, carefully apply to root area, avoiding the scalp. H) Cover hair with cling wrap, foil or shower cap.
  • Re-growth Application
  1. A) Do not wash or wet hair prior to application. B) Brush hair thoroughly. C) Carefully apply to root area, avoiding the scalp and overlapping application to previously lightened hair.
  • Using a Highlight Cap
  1. A) Do not wash or wet hair prior to application. B) Brush hair thoroughly. C) Using comb, position your hair according to the style you normally wear, before putting the high-light cap on - eg: if you normally style your hair with a fringe, comb that section of hair forward. D) Put cap on, being careful not to disturb your style. Ensure that the cap is firmly in place and secure. E) With a crochet hook, draw the strands of hair, you wish to lighten, through the holes in the cap. F) Comb the strands which are to be highlighted to ensure that each strand is smooth and there are no knots or loops at the root area. G) Apply the mixture to your hair with a tint brush, ensuring that all the hair is evenly coated. If your hair is longer, pile neatly on top of head after application. H) Cover hair with cling wrap, foil or shower cap.

Processing Times

Check hair colour and texture every 5-10 minutes to ensure you do not over process your hair. If degree of lightness is not achieved after 45 minutes, rinse thoroughly, dry and re-apply.


Once desired lightness is achieved, remove cling wrap, foil or shower cap and rinse hair under warm water until water runs clear. If using a highlight cap remove cap only after the hair has been rinsed. Gently squeeze excess water from the hair and apply shampoo and rinse clean. Apply a high quality conditioner to help restore some of the goodness your hair has lost during the lightening process. Gently towel dry hair avoiding rubbing or ringing the hair, let hair dry naturally. For best results use TTS Silver Shampoo to eliminate yellow tones.


Make sure you have an old t-shirt or cape on to protect your clothing and skin. It is recommended to use gloves when working with any of the materials. For external use only. Store in a cool place out of reach of children. Do not apply to eyelashes or eyebrows. Avoid contact with eyes - rinse immediately if product comes into contact with them and seek medical attention. Preliminary tests, according to the instructions should first be made. Proceed only if test results are satisfactory. Avoid inhaling the powder. Do not apply if scalp is broken. Wait 24 hours between applications. Rinse container when finished.

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